Gorbel G-Force Intelligent Manipulator Systems
    Electronic - Intelligent Manipulators

    Modsim serves as Turkey distributor of G-Force Intelligence Lifting Device of an American firm Gorbel and makes projects using these devices after making many electronic-servo controlled lifting projects.


    Pneumatic Manipulator Systems
    Pneumatic Manipulators

    Modsim uses self-designed pneumatic manipulators in his projects to meet customer requirements and process restricts.
    These are the systems with momentum which have various lifting capacity and arm length and take the weight which the operator have to lift.


    Vaculex Vacuum Lifting Systems
    Vacuum Tube Lifters

    Modsim uses vacuum lifting systems of Vaculex, a world leading manufacturer of lifting systems based on vacuum technology founded on Sweden. Our goal is to make your work physically easier - focusing on efficiency, ergonomics and safety.


    Torros Mobile Lifting Systems
    Ergonomic Mobil Lifters

    It might be required in some ergonomic handling projects to carry the equipment from one place to a far place or use the same equipment in several different stations.

    Ergonomic Mobile Lifter solutions of Torros, An English firm, is used in these projects as suitable solutions.

    Ergonomic Lifting Tables
    Ergonomic Lift Tables

    Ergonomic Lift Tables are designed to prevent the operator from bending by adjusting the height of table quickly and easily without any mechanical resources.


    Ergonomic Work Stations
    Ergonomic Work Stations

    It has been demonstrated that providing employees with adjustable, ergonomically designed workstations can improve individual productivity by %20 or more. Lowering stress and fatigue improves product quality. Putting tools and components within easy reach facilitates workflow and reduces downtime.

    Automated Material Handling Systems
    Automated Handling Systems

    Modsim also performs automated or semi-automated material handling system projects which meet the customer requirements to increase the performance besides ergonomic handling systems which takes the weight from the operator.